1985 - 2019

  Growing up in a university town, Lincoln, Nebraska, I was fortunate, as a kid, to be able to attend 
  Saturday morning art classes at the university. It would never have entered my head that this
   would be my life. After receiving a BFA from the University of Nebraska and an MFA from
                                      Tulane University in New Orleans I began a teaching career at the University of  
                                      Texas in Commerce, Texas. I later was to take a position with the Dallas County
                                      Community College District where I would remain for the rest of my teaching
                                      career. Teaching was a wonderful  experience keeping me intellectually and
                                      artistically stimulated.

                                       My work has always been figurative even in the '80s when I, briefly, explored
                                       the possibilities of abstract painting but I was not able to escape my fascination
  with the figure and story telling. The Night Soil Men, a childhood obsession of Yukio Mishima, was the 
  subject matter for one group of paintings on paper. Another group of large paintings was based on
  the lives of famous castrati.

  In the '80s I began to insert photocopies into the paintings using them either as a pattern or to
  introduce an image translated and transformed not by the artist's hand but by a machine.

  It was, for me, a natural transition to go from using  Xerox images to using computer generated
  images. With the computer I am able to enlarge a small collage or by using computer technology
  I am able to create complex digital collage.

  In 2012 a sculptor friend asked me to make a video to accompany her upcoming show and as I
  worked on it I  began to think about turning my collage into videos. Using small film clips from 
  various black and white films I "paste" the unrelated pieces together as I do with the more
  traditional forms of collage. Using the same system or device I create a soundtrack that is essentially
  a musical collage that enhances the mood of the resulting construction.
  For this website I have chosen to show a few examples of my work to demonstrate the development
  and consistency of an aesthetic that developed early on.

                                         For a resume contact me at [email protected]